Federica De Lellis was born in 1976 in the small town of Ceprano (FR). Despite her studies in Economics, she always had the need to externalize her artistic creativity. She first approaches the tempera painting on canvas and then the abstract drawing in black and white, made with ink pens.
The used method starts from the technique called "Doodling" or "Zentangle", based on repetitive patterns and figures, elementary lines and symbols that flow and intertwine creating a unique harmony.
In this way, the artist is able to express himself in a more free and instinctive way, through a return to pure gesture, with a constant search for compositional balance and a dynamic decorative rhythm, intrinsic to nature and cosmos.
The skilful use of the contrast between white and black allows the dynamic tension to be conveyed towards the observer, immediately capturing their emotions. The resulting sensation is that of being transported to a parallel world, a refuge that Federica herself has created and which lives by its own rules and laws. Even if reality apparently does not seem to be admitted, in truth it represents the place where it manifests itself with greater intensity.
She signs her works with the pseudonym of “Kika” for emotional reasons, a nickname given to her by a loved one who died prematurely.
She participated in three editions of the "Primavera in arte" painting collective in his country of origin and in 2019 she set up his first solo exhibition at the rooms of the Loggia in the municipality of Formigine (Mo).


Below you can find a preview of my works
All of them are pen on paper

Elementary shapes that flow and weave together to create something unique

Past Exhibitions

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"L'istintività della forma", arriva a Formigine la mostra in bianco e nero di Kika

"L'istintività della Forma", esposizione personale di Federica De Lellis